Jonathan Millard & Game Design

Crafting Worlds, One Pixel at a Time.

Jonathan Millard’s journey in game design is a blend of artistry and technical prowess. With a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Interactive Design & Game Development from the esteemed Savannah College of Art & Design, he possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in crafting immersive gaming experiences.

His expertise extends beyond mere game mechanics, delving into the realms of storytelling, character development, and world-building. Jonathan’s proficiency with tools like Unreal Engine, combined with his knowledge of animation and interactive design, positions him uniquely in the gaming industry.

Game Design

Breathing Life into Virtual Realms.

Whether it’s conceptualizing a new game environment, developing intricate level designs, or ensuring seamless gameplay, Jonathan’s experience in game design is marked by innovation, creativity, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the virtual world.


In a previous iteration of the Unreal Engine, called the Unreal Development Kit or UDK, I worked on a collaboration called Sira. I worked on everything from the Flash Scaleform menus for options, master volume, fx music, voice, and mouse sensitivity to programming the audio FX made by the NPC Medbots, Leechbots, and the Audio FX for the player as they would walk in an out of the deadly solar radiation.